Conventional Services

All of our doctors here at CAWC are trained in conventional, or Western medicine. This consists of medical procedures and treatments based on modern Western-style scientific study.  Some of our doctors also practice Eastern or alternative medicine, and integrate this with Western techniques if you are interested in both modalities.

Western medicine is defined as “evidence-based” and is the product of controlled, scientific studies. It is the type of health care you yourself will have experienced in human doctors’ offices and hospitals in the United States. It is generally broken down into body-system categories such as Dermatology (skin diseases), Oncology (cancer), Ophthalmology (eye diseases), Dentistry (diseases of the teeth and oral cavity), and Gastroenterology (stomach and intestinal diseases). 

We use the hands-on physical exam and various tests to help diagnose what is causing your pet’s illness. Since your pet cannot talk, we rely on you, the pet parent, to help us decide what is normal or abnormal for your pet based on his/her behavior, eating and eliminating habits, and vocalizations, among other things to determine which tests are most likely to give us useful information. We have a full in-house laboratory and are able to perform blood tests, microscopic tests, radiographs (x-rays), basic ultrasound, and surgical biopsies in our hospital.  In the case that more advanced testing or surgery is needed, we can provide advanced ultrasound, echocardiograms (heart ultrasound) and advanced surgery in our hospital by bringing in veterinary specialists who will perform the tests or surgery right here at CAWC. In the event that your pet needs 24-hour care, CT, MRI testing, or critical care, we have great relationships with the surrounding speciality hospitals that can help. We can also refer you and your pet for specialty consults as needed, and are able to work closely with board-certified specialists to continue your pet’s care between their hospital and ours.