Geriatric Care

As your pet ages, you may notice changes in their behavior, eating and drinking habits, ability to get around, hearing loss, or vision changes.  With many of these symptoms, you may think your pet is just “aging”. In reality, your pet may be showing you signs of chronic pain, or disease conditions that are more common as pets get older, such as arthritis, liver or kidney disease, heart disease, or even early senility.

By providing your pet with a thorough geriatric evaluation, we can assess what is going on, and together come up with a plan to make their life more enjoyable.  We understand that your pet is a valued family member and we want their later years to be as comfortable and fulfilling as their younger years.  

Quality Of Life

If you are concerned that your pet’s quality of life is not as good as it should be, you can schedule a quality of life consultation with any of our doctors.  We are trained in evaluating behaviors and possible concurrent diseases to help you decide which treatments might be beneficial in maintaining or improving your pets quality of life. There are nutraceuticals, supplements, chiropractic, acupuncture, and laser therapies in addition to many more holistic therapies that can improve your pets golden years.  There are quality of life surveys such as “How Do I Know When it’s Time” by Ohio State University, designed to help you determine where your pet’s lifestyle is right now compared with where you think it should be.  The “Grey Muzzle” application for your mobile device is also a helpful tool to help you track your pets quality of life. If you think it might be time to let him go, we can help walk you through the decision process so you are confident you are making the right decision for your family and your beloved pet.  If it is time to say goodbye, we provide compassionate euthanasia services in our office, or we can recommend veterinarians who can come to your home.


When, and how to euthanize your pet is a very personal decision.  If you choose to have euthanasia for your dog or cat in our hospital, you have the choice of whether to be with your pet or not.  Many people like to hold their pet or be with them throughout the process.  Some would rather remember their pet “as they were” and not be present as they go.  We accommodate your preference and will make their last memories as calm and positive as possible.

At this time, we cannot accommodate home euthanasia, but can recommend local mobile veterinarians who can come to your house and provide the same caring atmosphere wherever your pet is most comfortable.

After euthanasia, you have choices as to how to handle your pet’s remains.  You can always bury your pet at home, or we offer cremation services.  You can choose individual cremation, where you receive your pet’s ashes in an engraved cedar box, urn, or eco-friendly biodegradable container.  You will also receive a clay paw-print as a remembrance. If you do not desire to have your pet’s ashes returned to you, we offer communal cremation where your pet’s ashes will be respectfully scattered at sea.