At Companion Animal Wellness Center, we are equipped to perform most outpatient surgeries your pet could need. These include spay/neuter, mass removals, skin wounds/lacerations, abscesses, dental surgery – too many to list individually. For advanced surgeries that should be performed by a specialist (many orthopedic surgeries, ophthalmic surgery such as cataract removal, and emergency/critical care surgeries) we foster strong partnerships with local specialists. For certain surgeries, we have the surgeon come to us and provide all care within our hospital.  For surgeries that require specialized equipment or overnight post-operative care, we team up with local veterinary specialists and emergency hospitals.  We have developed strong relationships with local specialists and we strive to offer seamless care between ourselves and your specialist of choice. In keeping with our integrative veterinary medicine approach, we will provide post surgical care that combines conventional and holistic therapies for your cherished companion, to help with health and healing.