Fear Free Certified

Founded by Dr. Marty Becker, known as “America’s Veterinarian”, this philosophy and program strives to help pets have a more peaceful and enjoyable veterinary experience. By using gentle techniques and a sympathetic approach, we aim to reduce your companion’s anxiety and stress levels so we can work better together in their care. We stand behind the Fear Free Initiative, and are working towards our Fear Free Certification in order to better serve you and your pets.

Your Fear Free Journey begins the moment you join the CAWC family.  Before your first appointment, we will ask you to complete our online questionnaire, which includes questions about your companion’s favorite treats and toys, their likes and dislikes at the veterinary hospital, any previous veterinary procedures that they had difficulty with, and if there are any areas where your pet is sensitive to being touched.  If your pet is excessively fearful, anxious, or stressed when coming to the veterinarian or having procedures performed, we will make recommendations that may include calming aids such as pheromones, supplements, or medication if necessary to help decrease their stress.  Our goal is for your pet to have the best visit possible when they come to see us, every time they see us.. 

Our reception room is a calm and peaceful place.  We have pheromone diffusers throughout the hospital to help calm our patients as they come through the door. Our receptionist will greet you and your pet, and give acceptable treats to your pet as a welcome to CAWC.  The reception area is separated so that dogs are in a different area than our cats and exotic animals.  If your pet is normally anxious about entering a veterinary office, call us from your car and we will call you in once your room is prepared for you. 

As soon as you enter the exam room, your companion will be greeted and allowed to acclimate and explore their new surroundings. Once they are comfortable, they will be offered affection and treats. There are no cold hard surfaces in the exam rooms. We make sure that all of our patients have the option of non-slip and soft surfaces to be on. Our gentle handling techniques include the pet choosing where they are most comfortable having an exam performed, meaning that sometimes we will be on the floor with you and your pet.

CAWC is committed to performing as many treatments and procedures in the exam room with you, the pet parent, present.  Many pets are calmer with their pet parent present. We will have you help with food and treat distractions as we are performing procedures to help ease their stress.  If your pet needs to be taken to the treatment room for a procedure, for x-rays or diagnostics, we promise that their time spent there will be minimal and they will be returned to you as quickly as possible. Remember, our goal at CAWC is to put you and your pet’s well being first.

To find out more about Fear Free please visit fearfreepets.com