At Companion Animal Wellness Center we love our reptile patients! Dr. Carmine Bausone, our exotic animal veterinarian, and his staff are experienced in treating all reptile species commonly kept as pets, and are dedicated in helping your reptile stay healthy.   

Proper husbandry of reptiles is perhaps more important than any other exotic animal species.  Because of their varied diet and enclosure requirements, lack of proper husbandry causes a significant portion of the diseases that we commonly see.  Reptiles are a diverse group of animals coming from nearly all regions of the globe, so their husbandry is very specific to that region and that animal.  For example, not all lizards are cared for in the same manner.  Some are carnivorous (meat eaters), some are herbivorous (plant eaters), and some are omnivorous (both meat and plant eaters).  The temperature and humidity needs of reptiles also vary greatly depending on their region of origin.  For example, a chameleon requires very different temperature and humidity in their enclosure than does a bearded dragon. So it is critical that you know about your reptiles particular husbandry requirements in order to set them on the path to optimal health, and we are here to help!

There are some diseases that we all should be aware of which can spread from reptiles to humans. For a brief list of these disease please follow this link:  


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